The MDI Photo Club sent a survey to the 120 people who were on the club mailing list as of July 2016. Forty-nine people (40%) responded during the one week survey period from July 28 to August 5th 2016. Below is a summary of the complete 2016 Survey Results (pdf).

  • All but two respondents said they planned to join the club this year or were undecided. This suggests that virtually all respondents have a strong interest in the club.
  •  74% of respondents characterized themselves as intermediate photographers. Ten people identified themselves as advanced.
  • The responses to questions 3 and 6 indicate that people’s greatest interest is in learning how to take better pictures and how to improve their photos in post processing. People are less interested in peripheral photography topics.
  • The responses to questions 4 and 5 suggest that only half the people are sure about submitting photos for critique. 41% are unsure and the rest don’t plan to participate.
  • The most common reason for not submitting critique photos is that the critique portion of the meeting is too late in the evening. That response came from 8 people out of 21 that answered question 5. The other responses to question 5 are a mixed bag, but still, it seems that we don’t have a consensus on the value of and approach to critiquing.
  • For those who plan to submit critique photos (24 people), most are looking for suggestions on how to improve their shooting and post processing, and want to hear what’s wrong with their photos technically or subjectively. This suggests that people who participate in the critiques are seeking constructive criticism.
  • 77% of respondents like the optional monthly assignment.
  • About half the people say they try to attend most outings. Top reasons for going on outings of the 38 respondents to question 10 were shooting in places I don’t usually shoot (90%), access to places I couldn’t visit on my own (84%), socializing (68%), encourages them to get out and shoot more (66%), and learning from other photographers (63%).
  • By far, the top reason for not attending outings (72% of the 25 people who answered question 12) was that the dates and time conflict with their schedule. The other reasons were mixed and inconclusive. Top suggestions for improving the outings are having a specific topic, a learning aspect, locations beyond MDI, more interesting locations on MDI, and tying the outings to the previous meeting topic.