Photo Credit – George Soules

We have a special treat for club members in December. Our Saturday December 9th outing will be a rare and perhaps final opportunity to photograph both the outside and the inside of La Rochelle, better known as the Maine Sea Coast Mission. La Rochelle is a beautiful and elaborate “cottage” on West Street in Bar Harbor. Built in 1902 for George S. Bowdoin, a great-grandson of Alexander Hamilton and a partner in the Morgan Bank, the mansion was named after the Bowdoin family’s ancestral town in France.

George Soules will lead this outing and give a tour of the house to those who are interested. The tour will include the 3rd floor which formerly served as the quarters for 21 servants. He will talk about the Maine Sea Coast Mission, the history of the house, and some of the artifacts inside.

We’ll meet at 9:30 am in the main entrance. Please park on West Street, not in the driveway, so members can photograph the front of the building without cars in the scene. If you have questions, please contact George Soules via or by calling 207-244-8034.

Due to space limitations and because this is private property, this special outing is for club members only. If you would like to bring a family member or close friend, please check with George first.

For more information about La Rochelle, see George’s blog post from June 2016.