Members are encouraged to submit a photo they want help with — not your best work (use the Share category for that), but an image that you would like to improve. You can however still use the critique session to simply get feedback.

Helping Each Other Become Better Photographers

MDI Photo Club meetings provide a non-competitive environment where members help other members improve their photography. Prior to each meeting, every member has the option (not required) to submit one photo for critique.

During the critique portion of the meeting, the curator displays the photo, asks the photographer what type of input they seek, and then opens the floor for comments by the club members. The critique sessions are meant to be both serious and fun.

Critique Guidelines

Photographers who submit photographs for critique are seeking constructive criticism and suggestions for how to improve their photography and post processing skills. While everyone enjoys getting compliments on their work, this portion of the meeting is less about what’s right and more about what would make the photo better. Photographers who don’t desire this kind of input are encouraged to submit photos in the Share category instead of the Critique category.

Comments should:
  • Be constructively critical, but respectful of the photographer’s feelings
  • Suggest how the photographer could take a better picture next time and/or
  • Offer ways to improve the photo in post processing
  • Address technical qualities (e.g. focus, exposure, lighting), composition, and emotional appeal
  • Be non-judgmental of the photo’s subject matter


The critique session is run by the club’s curator. The curator’s role is to:

  • Receive photo submissions prior to the meeting
  • Determine how much time is available for the submitted photos
  • Project each photo one at a time
  • Ask the photographer what kind of help they seek from the group (e.g. how could I have improved composition)
  • Skip a photo if the photographer is not present unless the group wants to discuss it
  • Move on to the next photo when the time runs out or if the curator feels there is little more to say about the image
  • Offer his or her own comments on the photo