First Steps

by Jim Keene, June 2016

Beginning around 2012, faint rumblings from a number of photographers were heard around MDI about formally getting together on a regular basis to exchange ideas, experience, and skills. Things finally started moving when John Rivers announced that an organizational meeting was to be held at his home on January 9, 2013. Fourteen hardy souls attended with many ideas and a great deal of energy. The decision was made to have another meeting in two weeks to select leaders who would, with help, formulate and set the purpose, activities, and standards for a club. After that, through a lot of hard work, things moved rapidly.

As a result of the second gathering, the first Club meeting was held at the Northeast Harbor Library on February 20 with Tom Lawrence and John Whetstone speaking on the topic of “Focus.” It also included an invitation to bring thumb drives with up to four photos each to share for a slideshow. Further, it was announced that the first Club Outing would be held on Sand Beach in the first weekend of March, led by John Rivers. All were encouraged to bring friends no matter what their level of skill or photographic equipment.

By the May meeting, the Club had bylaws, a set of standards for the members, and an informal organizational structure with Howie Motenko (Chair), John Rivers (Outings), Tammy Packie (Membership), Gregg TeHennepe (slide show Curator), Brenda Beckett (Communications), Alice Kaiserian (Web ‘Goddess’), Kat Montminy (Finance), and Steve Mullane (Programs). Formal elections were held in June to approve the structure and select people for each of these positions. Howie served as president until the end of the 2015/2016 when he turned over the reins to George Soules who joined the club in 2014.

During the 2015/2016 season, the MDI Photo Club had over 50 members with highly diverse backgrounds of photographic tastes, skills, and equipment. Besides its September through June Meetings with speakers, photo critiques (always carried out in a positive manner), and the slide show, the club has monthly Outings, an Annual Photo Exhbit of its members’ work at the Northeast Harbor Library, and a Student Photo Contest for MDI high school students with the work of the winners being hung in the Annual Show. But best of all, the club’s members are welcoming, friendly, glad to share their knowledge with others whether just beginning, deeply into computerized post processing, or, like most, “just” happily taking good photos and continuing to develop their skills.

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